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Stomvi Horns:


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HONIBA S.A. (1984)
This company is devoted to the manufacture of brass instruments with the generic brand Stomvi.

When only 28 he created his own company devoted to the manufacturing of fine jewelry. At 30 he began his new project: Brass instrument manufactoring. He was inspired by many professionals that believed in his creative ideas. He applied all his jeweler knowledge in the handcrafted manufactoring of his Stomvi instruments. A similar story happened in the XVI and XVII centuries in Nuremberg, where musical instruments workshops developed from the jewelers and craftsmen of that time. They that know him say that he has a gifted musical ear and a great sensibility to perceive and appreciate the best tunings. In the inner part of his factory in Xirivella, Valencia, Spain, he receives famous music personalities daily, and they interchange opinions that share and shape the big Stomvi project.

HornStuff is an authorized dealer for Stomvi Horns. Send us an e-mail if you need more information about something on their web site: www.Stomvi.com/en.