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Hoyer 6800 Heritage Series Double Horns

Price: Fixed Bell Brass - $5,321 / Detachable Bell Brass - $5,425 / Fixed Bell Gold Brass - $5,342 / Detachable Bell Gold Brass - $5,686 / Fixed Bell Nickel Silver - $5,620 / Detachable Bell Nickel Silver - $5,718

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Hoyer 6800 Series Horn

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6800 Series Double Horns

The Hoyer 6800 Series Horn is the Horn of choice for recording artist Rick Todd.

Comparable to: Conn 8D or Yamaha 668


Wrap: Kruspe
Metal: Nickel Silver, Gold Brass or Brass
Finish: Lacquer
Bore Size: .468 inch
Bell: Large Throat Fixed or Detachable Bell
Lever Action: Three 3-B Ball Bearing Linkages with One Cord, or All Cord
Rotors: Brass Rotors
Weight: 6 lbs.