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Finke F/Bb/f Triple Horn

Finke Pricelist

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Finke F/Bb/f Triple Horn

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Finke F/Bb high f (or Eb or bb) Triple Horn

Finke produces one of the lightest weight triple horns. The full triple only weights 5.95 lbs. with detachable bell. The well balanced horn allows it to be held in playing position over a long period without tiring. Apart from the mouthpiece receiver FINKE triple horns are the only ones with separate mouthpipes for the high and low horn sections. Intonation benefits from this design. Finke triple horns have a full tone, even in the low register. Thus professional musicians especially appreciate the high F section of their Finke horn. It has an astoundingly sonorous tone. Another feature of our outstanding design is the possibility to set the descant F section using a longer tuning slide into descant Eb.


Metal: Nickel Silver or Yellow Brass or Gold Brass
Finish: Lacquer
Bore Size: .472 inch
Bell: Medium (Brendan) or Large (Americus) Throat Detachable Bell with or without Garland
Lever Action: Miniball Linkages
Rotors: Carbon Fiber
Weight: 5 lbs. 15 oz.