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Double Horns

Bb/A high bb Descant Double Horn

Bb/A high f Descant Double Horn

Triple Horns

Natural Horn

Wagner Tubas

For two generations every instrument has been manufactured completely by hand in the Finke workshop. Detailed analysis, combined with the intelligent use of new materials and technology, continues to play an important part in the process of improvements.

The Finke valve system is something special, not only because of the light weight. In the early 70's when Helmut Finke designed his first triple horn he decided to take the challenge for a new valve system. Traditional rotary valves are tapered and made out of brass. The finishing manufacture process is the lapping of the rotors into the casings. The disadvantage is the high weight and the reduced possibility of replacing parts, when needed.

Finke decided to replace the brass with modern synthetics, this made a great difference in weight. The rotors are no longer conical and the bearing plates on both casing sides are tapped in and held in position by a screw ring. This system allows you to replace components, if necessary, and to remove valves for cleaning, easily.

After input from Bielefeld engineering institute, and some intial upsets, he suceeded with the design of a non-expanding synthetic rotor bonded to a stainless steel shaft. So, since the early 1970`s when synthetic rotors were first intrduced, our materials and design has continuously evolved. Today we employ a carbon fibre used by the aircraft industry to replace metal. It melts at 370 Centigrade; a temperature which even the most stressed player will not reach! Finke players the world over are testament to the suitability of our approach.

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